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Marilyn, Sport & Style

Marilyn embodies style and sophistication. The North London raised athlete over the last few years has simultaneously navigated through a World indoor championships while entering her destined route into fashion through influencing on her Instagram, @nlmarilyn.

Her slick style, keeps you scrolling through her page not only for inspiration but the admiration of her undeniable talent of styling. Marilyn’s very essence is able to transform simple and often affordable clothing into outfits of supreme levels. On and off the track her elegance hasn’t gone unnoticed, we spoke to Marilyn about her art and where she wishes to take it.

A: How did you get into fashion?


M: It’s a long story. In 2015 my sister said I should get into fashion but I didn’t take any notice of it. Then in 2018, I decided okay maybe I should start, people would tell me “you dress really well” so I started posting pictures!


A: Has that been ingrained into your childhood to always dress up always look nice, do you think that has carried your style as well?


M: I guess so, on Sundays when we would get ready for church we always had to dress well. I wasn’t even allowed to leave the house if I was dressed “inappropriate” in my dad’s eyes. So I guess from childhood I’ve always been taught to dress properly.


A: How would you define your style? My sister said that you have a very Copenhagen style with bright colours, very Mediterranean. How would you describe it?


M: There’s definitely minimal in there, and versatility. I just believe that anything you give to me I will style it, I’m confident in the clothes I wear, that I pick, and that are given to me.


A: That’s definitely a talent. What are your go-to items?


M: Blazer. I love a blazer.

Straight blue jeans, and flip flops. Because they look good with anything.


A: How do you dress for your body shape?


M: There are a lot of people who are similar body types to you, so you can look and get inspo from them but you have to understand your body shape.

So for me, I’ve got no torso I’m just legs. So I like to enhance my long legs and wear long jeans, short skirts. Just to make my legs look longer, and take the focus off my short body.

First of all, understand your body shape then think about ways you want to enhance or conceal.  So it’s just about what works for you.

A: You have two separate Instagram accounts. Do you feel pressure as an athlete to not post about fashion or vice versa?


M: As I started to get into fashion I didn’t wanna mix it but I want people to know that I do athletics, and I’ve done athletics for so long and it’s still my major passion. I just wanted people to know I can do both.


A: Where do you want this to take you?


M: I want it to take me high. To work with high-end brands and fashion shows.


Marilyn is soon launching her clothing brand MNK Clothing.

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